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History of Randomia

A young world where magic has existed since the beginning of the great roll but most of its inhabitants have only just begun to harness it properly. Heroes have never really needed to exist yet with the rise of empires and the gradual evolution of great beasts bringing corruption and chaos Heroes have started do-gooding across the land. The layout of Randomia is well charted the roads and such but the east is very much ever-changing and filled with unknown beasts and happenings. Monsters are very common in the east and south yet further north and west humans dwell and monsters tend to not be as common. Magical items are mostly hidden and coveted by beasts or stowed away in the vaults of great rulers, tryants and wizards. Shops selling great magical items and weapons are rare.

The Ancient Lake

The lake is unassuming but untrustworthy. Sea Hags guard it with a ferocity. According to the Skaven Queen a beast once dwelled here with a powerful relic and had a connection with the kingdom to the North. It is five miles in circumference and has a tree line surrounding it except at two small banks East and West covered in sand creating a small beach which allows access. A safe path encircles the lake making travel easy. On the Eastern side a small shack exists which houses a Green Hag. The Hags defending the lake are known to be enslaved by something, what is a mystery.

Xubt GiantDweller informed them briefly of a civil war between two adjoining cities in the South.

The Separation of Orgrimmar

Orgrimmight and Orgrimmask used to be a single city Orgrimmar and the city thrived because of its unique location, its freedom regarding outside trade and also its highly regarded political stance of having a president rather than a king quite uncommon amongst Orc dwellings and because of this heritage the races that did come to trade and live amongst the Orcs didn’t think twice about making fools of them. The Orcs however were still peaceful and diplomatic yet a force to be reckoned with.

Eventually many different races came to settle here causing unrest amongst the different races.

The story of Simarron (The Broken Kingdom)

The Skaven Queen informed the party of the history of her shattered kingdom


Simarron was filled with humans like the hag and their race would appease the creature that defended the lake and in return the beast would protect the town but thirty years ago they decided to betray the beasts trust and he cursed some of the women to live as sea hags until then killing the rest of the women and all the men and children. They know nothing of the beast and its secrets but they know that the only way to access the secret is through defeating the creature that lies beneath.
Nowadays the abandoned kingdom has been taken over by the Skaven Queen from the West she has claimed the City as her own to begin her new race. There are tamed patrols of Clan-rats and the kingdom is infested by unruly mobs from Rat Ogres to Rats the city is swarming with hostility but there is rumour of her defeat and if so is this a cursed City?

Tale of the Skaven Queen and the evolution and devolution of the Rat-folk

Rat-folk have scowered the earth since time began evolving from Rats and every swarm has a Queen who the underlings serve, she births and cares for the young and is the hub of every swarm. These Queens have begun to evolve and one in the desert region began to use her intelligence to drum the Rat-folk into a more civilised race. This was no easy task as Rat-folk are known to be chaotic, unintelligent and feral as a race but somehow she migrated them East out of the desert and into Simarron the broken Kingdom fuelling them with a legend of a mystical lake she had heard from her own mother Queen. The Queen and her tribe settled here amongst the ruins of Simarron and began to form a civilisation of which many Rat creatures swarmed to mainly from the Western desert. She began to raise an army to protect herself and her kin and unbeknownst to the outside to come to understand the secret of the lake. Unfortunately curiosity killed the rat and when she decreed a group of travellers to attain information on the lake she was later betrayed and assassinated by the party Peruro Argonia laying the killing blast on the 25th day of SunSKy. 112th Aeon.

The kingdom fell again into disorder and the Rat-folk hopes for a brighter future may have died with her.

The separation of of Orgrimmar

A Union (The Orgimmar is for Orcs party or “OOP”) formed and questioned the freedom of Orgrimmars trading and its situation over housing outsiders. The party after many deliberations with the current government gathered many followers, all Orc or Half-Orc, and unfortunately on the day of the election for the new president a young candidate that stood for neutrality and peace was assassinated. Neither ‘OOP’ or the current government owned up and because of the boiling tension the decision that day was made to separate the cities in two, separating the citizens of Ogrirmmar by a security gate guarded by guards from both cities, OOP followers in Orgrimmight and Orgrimmask housing foreign races and some Orcs fighting for unity of the city led by their president Goblin Gringot Storm-wearer.

The years soon following this event were bloody and tense, brawls, parties assassinating members of their own and rival parties and others launching large scale attacks on the gate which ended always in bloodshed and often citizens being caught in the cross-fire.

It has been this way for some 50 years and the year of the new election of has arisen in Orgrimmight a young Half-Orc by the name of Oyattoa Justice is standing for president and he ensures he will stop by any means necessary the tension and blood-shed between the two cities.

The northern town seperated from Orgrimmar. Ruled by President Gringot Storm-Wearer.
The town itself is overpopulated many races fill it predominantly Orcs but you are bound to find most races dwelling here.
The presidential building is a sight to behold standing white with a large courtyard opposite the security gate.
Travelers are NOT granted access to the city and any trade outside the city walls is instantly broken up, ambassadors from the city travel to distant cities for any outside trade they require. Recent presidents death has called the election, Oyattoa is charismatic but under a lot of threat from both sides every day.

Travelers granted access but capped, which has caused a small tent city to form outside of Orgrimmask that troubles both cities and causes unrest further. Outside trade is frowned upon but accepted under law. Gringot is however benefitting from the constant war between the two cities he benefits from the weapons and mercenary trade it brings in, not to mention the jobs it creates at the security gate. He would prefer the tension to continue bubbling until Orgrimmask consumes Orgrimmight.

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