Oyattoa Justice

Patriot, driven, diplomatic and proud


Medium Humanoid
Chaotic Neutral
Challenge rating 2 (450 EXP)
Proficiency bonus +2
Armour class 16
HP- 100
Attack Bonus +4
Damage- 1D12 +2
30 feet
Passive perception 10

STR- 15 (2)
DEX- 10 (0)
CON- 17 (
INT- 16 (3)
WIS- 10 (0)
CHA 18 (

Aggressive- Character can take a bonus action to move its speed towards hostile.

Skills: Persuasion +8, Performance +8, Intimidation +8
Charisma saving throw +6


Born in Orgrimmight as one of the first wave of Half Orc children that has grown up within its walls. His father and mother were both politically involved both running for presidency the same year and both losing his mother too hot-headed his father too diplomatic this gave Oyattoa a great all round knowledge of the situation of Orgrimmar.

He believes in a fair Orgrimmar that can rise again seriously tackling the immigration problem and uniting the two cities to make it a superpower of Randomia. He truly believes the melting pot will headed by a strong Orc capital will throw Orgimmar into a state of financial gain and cultural stability will follow.

Both his parents were killed last election 15 years ago on ambassadors duties to Orgrimmask. Assassinated by a unknown assailant. He now owns his parents house alone and has never forgotten this.

Oyattoa Justice

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