Brash, unashamed, addicted to alcohol and other substances.


Morduck loved being a Blacksmith.
Morduck loved being an adventurer.
Morduck loved being a drunk.
Morduck loved being a King.
Morduck loved being a drunk again.
Morduck loved his brother.
Morduck loved getting steeped in depression over his brothers death and becoming addicted to drugs.

Morduck has achieved quite a lot in his small life. A blacksmiths son from a sheltered background Morduck always felt he was destined for greater things and boy was he right.

If it’s fighting the Kings guard and causing more hassle than he’s worth or starting a good old fashioned bar brawl whatever it is, If it involves fighting, Morduck is up for it.

Morduck doesn’t really know how he got here or how gets anywhere nowadays but one things for sure he is supposed to be returning this rather valuable parcel back to its rightful owner in Speakwell.


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