Green Hag

Ancient looking, mysterious, infamous


Medium fey

Speed 30ft.

Illusory Appearance.

The hag covers herself and anything she is wearing or carrying with a magical illusion that makes her look like another creature of her general size and humanoid shape. The illusion ends if the hag takes a bonus action to end it or if she dies. The changes wrought by this effect fail to hold up to physical inspection. For example, the hag could appear to have smooth skin, but someone touching her would feel her rough flesh.

Invisible Passage. The hag magically turns invisible until she attacks or casts a spell, or until her concentration ends (as if concentrating on a spell). While invisible, she leaves no physical evidence of her passage, so she can be tracked only by magic. Any equipment she wears or carries is invisible with her.


As she turned in for the night on a night like any other she was accosted by four adventurers. A Drow elf seemed to lead the party and took it upon himself and his party to rid the land of the North of the Skaven Queen she would assist their quest with tokens of good fortune and health and send them on their way as she returned back to her shack to rest and recuperate her energies.

Green Hag

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