The Chronicles of Randomia

A Tale of Two Cities

Upon reaching Orgrimmask the party will discover a large encampment outside of the town.

Most of these dwellings are pop-up inns, merchants making their trade on offering people shelter who do not make it into the city. Here they will bump into Xubt GiantDweller who will be severely pissed that his trade has been literally killed he will explain because of Gringots recent tax increase on the merchants outside the gate he has needed that trade to maintain his family inside Orgrimmask. He will ask how the party intend to repay him?

If things get shirty his Ogres will threaten them down however an Orc party take a disliking to the party on a 19-20 they will be hostile. If not play out the situation.

Page 244
Orc X 3

If they do not offer suggestion he will direct them to a tent where a group of cloaked figures sit smoking. He ushers them in and they will explain that they intend to assinate Gringot Storm-Wearer the Overseer of Orgrimmask allowing Oyattoa Justice to take presidency over both districts combining them again to make Orgrimmar.
They need an insider to gather info about Gringots ongoings within the next few days and also info on his dwelling. This also gets them in the city instantly with a citizens pass Xubt offers them.

Upon entering Orgrimmask the party will notice it is very run-down there is a slight slums feel to it except the buildings are of great build but the upkeep is bad. There LOTS of children, humans mainly, running around many seem to be homeless.

In the town you walk through the heavily guarded and sturdy Town Gate, a Human boy will offer to be the partys guide for 5 CP he will guide them through the town, you walk through the “slums” then their is a four way junction.

Left- entertainment district

  • Tavern, The Silver Jester a bit of a raucous dive (Morduck,
  • Inn
  • Brothel
  • Gambling house
  • Fighting arena
  • Competing tavern, The Gleaming Jester, Thieves Guild hangout. The Goblin??)
  • Patrons house w/more classier houses all owned by Goblins

Right- Trade district

  • Blacksmith- Gorbuk Smith (Half-Orc)
  • Guild Hall- Offering Mercenaries at 5 GP a day.
    (First five Humans and 3 other fighting races)

  • Stables- Harald Landtravel (Human) only small mounts at double prices plus 50% tax
  • A well-kept tavern, The Barking Dolphin (Gnome Mittelwack Overpipe )
    Catering to a specific race or guild specialises in his great warm hygiene services this place. Housing a stubborn language master Goblin Oz Manytongues who knows Aquan who only appears if Gringot is killed.

Straight on

  • The Great Wall of Orgrimmar- hastily built, 100 feet tall, the tallest object in the whole city spanning from East to West. This side is very badly kept but guarded by approx 50 guards Humans, Goblins, Half-Orcs and a handful of other races. Most of these are privately run firms that have popped up in Orgrimmask unorganised, disloyal but vicious they are being paid daily to guard the gate.
  • The presidential building built by respectable military gentleman it overlooks the wall and has been tactfully used to defend the city from the opposing side. Any attackers who oppose the city from the other side would struggle with head on infiltration. Eleven Archers mercenaries are employed to defend the rooftop overlooking the wall around the clock. At evenings the wall and the courtyard are light up to lighten any border crossers up and defend the castle further. Easily the most valuable building in the city with its own personal guard the only policing force in Orgrimmask.
  • Great temple worshipping Gruumash. The temple is in disrepair and maybe a half Orc or Orc would like to repair it. Very grand an ancient worship place for Orcs many battle Murials and ancient weapons on the walls. It was fought over by both sides and luckily geographical location kept it on this side of the wall. The temple offers blessings to those of sturdy races. Dwarves, Half Orcs and Dragonborn giving them advantage on attack rolls if they pray or leave donation of 5 GP or more this late whilst in the city.

An elf guard will shoot the guide play out his death or life?

When they eventually meet Gringot he will ask them to visit a patron of his who has served him well yet did not appear at the board of conference yesterday unlike him. There is suspect of foul play. The party can investigate this and get closer to Gringot.

Upon doing this they walk into an ambush in his home are these the killers or are they assassins sent to kill them?

To open pressure plate must be a creature of small or smaller to stand on it or an object placed on it to hold it open.

Mobs in house:

Lobby- Gargoyles X 2 only active when weapons are drawn.
1- HP 49
2-HP 47
(Page 140)
Will only attack creatures with weapons drawn.

Hidden in Study- Bugbear X2
1 HP- 27
2 HP- 23
(Page 33), Mage High Elf(Page 347) (adjusted to a challenge 2
AC 12
Hit points 40
Saving throws lowered by 1
Skills lowered by 1
Spell save DC 8 + 5
Cantrips: Firebolt, Light, Mage hand
2 X 1st lvl SS: Magic Missile, Sheild

1st attempt- 19-20
2nd attempt- 18-20
3rd attempt 10-20
4th attempt- ambush

Will come out if Pressure plate is failed to throw OR on the way out

Lounge area- Mastiff
HP- 4
(Page 332)

Bedroom- Animated Armour
HP- 27
(page 19)
Rug of Smothering is active on a roll of 12 or more.
(Page 20)

Garden- Twig And Vine Blights
T 1 HP- 3
T 2 HP- 5
V 1 HP- 23
V 2 HP- 24
(Page 32)

If Gringot learns of this he will invite them into a private room where he will entrust them with being his ambassadors to Orgrimmight. A new group are assigned this every year there is an election to over-see it and then comment back, they are told to assassinate a young candidate, Oyattoa Justice who intends to bring an end to the seperation and unite the two cities for this there will be a great reward.

The party can now enter Orgrimmight through the Great gate one of the only times on many years it is opened. So it gathers a crowd. A young Orc attempts to run through to the other side of Orgrimmight and he is about to be shot.

Orgrimmight is a lot smaller than Orgrimmask in comparison yet grander the whole city is a big semi circled around the wall most of these buildings are dwellings. Except a large trade centre that trades in heavy armour and weaponry of ‘Grummash’ which are expensive but worth it as they are blessed and offer + 1 strength but – 1 in intelligence along with their base stats.

The Presdiential building is no different to any other except it has a small stage and plinth outside it for the town President to make decrees from.

In the middle of the town is a watchtower which acts as a guard post for the wall of which is well kept and lightly guarded by approx 10 massive Orc warriors in full ceremonial armour.

The presidential election is on the 30th day of the SunSky season so the party are allowed freedom until then.

Whilst nearing the clock tower there is a large huddle of about approx 100 Orcs and Half Orcs centred around an Half-Orc in humble clothing making a speech about equality and it seems to go down well with the Orcs. This man is Oyattoa Justice after the speech he greets the party recognising the ceremonial band of trust and he invites them back to his abode for a political debate.

If they go back he offers them free stay in his house and also an evening of discussion on the history of Orgrimmar. He is generally positive to them and if they reciprocate and inform him of their history he will treat them as outsiders not as opponents later on.

When the Election Day comes Oyattoa is victorious by a landslide and he announces great things for the people of Orgrimmight and with his final few lines he declares all out war on Orgrimmask and tells all gathered to equip themselves and meet at the watchtower where they will invade and return the power and glory of Orgrimmar.

The party may choose to fight for him, against him or not get involved.



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