As if by magic it appeared.
A new world from within his head. Imagination became reality and with the efforts of those around him who shared his passion and intrigue for this world It began to take shape.

Randomia an open world created and shaped by the players within it under guidance from their DM.

In its 112th Aeon of which consists four season each containing sixty days:

  • SunSky: A humid season that powers forests and ancient jungles to spring to life. Temperatures can cause exhaustion party’s must drink as often as they can.
  • TreeGreen: Flowers and surroundings flourish. The world becomes as green as can be. Beasts mate and because of this wildlife tends to become more apparent and rife.
  • TreeBrown: The trees begin their winter cycle, beasts begin their hibernations. The rotting of the leaves and creatures who cannot stand the temperature change promotes creatures from the underground such as Undead a larger presence.
  • WhiteSky: Clouds encumber the sky in the apt regions of the land snow falls. The North becomes a snowy rocky dangerous place only for hard skinned creatures such as Giants to dwell. Parties MUST wrap warm and be aware of this dangerous climate and the changes it brings.

The Chronicles of Randomia

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