Peruro Agonia (Latin for Inflame Agony)

A cranky old warlock tiefling with some undesirable quirks


Warlock(2, The Fiend) Tiefling(Urchin)= 787exp
AC= 12
HP= 14
Strength= 9(-1)

Dexterity= 12(+1)

Constitution= 15(+2)

Intelligence= 10(0)

Charisma= 19(+4)

Hit Dice= 2D8
Speed= 30ft

Trained in:
Sleight Of Hand,
Wisdom Saving Throw,
Charisma Saving Throw and,

Spoken Languages= Common and Infernal
Proficiencies= Light Armour, Simple Weapons, Disguise Kit and Thieves Tools
Agonizing Blast= 1D10+ Charisma Modifier
Burning Hands= 3D6 on success half on failure


Peruro acts quite wise as he is almost at his end but because of this he seems to get himself (and the party he is in) in to seemingly more troublesome problems.

Peruro is a tiefling not only this but he’s also a street urchin making him almost the lowest in society’s chain however he redeems himself by using his old age to persuade others into thinking he knows a lot more than them about their situation (claiming he’s fought these monster before or that he was here when he was a young travelling man) but in reality he knows generally as much as they do if not less nevertheless this still seems to work to his advantage.

As Peruro’s Demonic Pact was to The Fiend (Sargonnes God of vengeance and fire) his goal would eventually be to reclaim the world for Sargonnes although he still feels some bond to the plane he lives in because of this he will make sure that if a task can be completed then it will be so along with this he will follow most tasks set to him as he feels as if (even if its a simple task)that it is a message from his God to make matters more interesting he’ll follow his gut instinct quite heavily even more than the tasks he is given as he feels that this is a stronger way for his God to communicate with him.

Peruro lost his parents at a young age due to what appeared to be some form of disease which lead to the young tiefling being forced into the streets Peruro found himself weak and hopeless constantly he’d cry for a single copper and sometimes not even receive that in a day however on one fateful night a stranger (dressed in full black with only his piercing red eyes on show) stopped in his tracks as Peruro pleaded for anything the stranger knelt down to eye level with Peruro and locked eyes with him the strangers eyes red like the fires of hell young Peruro attempted to push him away and cry for help but his body was motionless and his mind blank as Peruro stared mortified, into the strangers eyes he saw brutal images of his family being slaughtered like beasts as well as sounds of maniacal laughter being engraved in his head with this he blacked out to awake the next morning in some form of shelter he did’t recognise this place but felt safe within it as if he belonged here.
Gathering his bearings he noticed the room and bed he slept in were immaculate along with this lay a plate of fine bread and cheese on the bed side table he ravenously dug in spearing not a single crumb after devouring his meal he saw a very rich looking letter placed underneath the bread with a wax sealing of the letter “S” reaching for it he discovered it was unusually hot the letter reads
last night you begged for my assistance
I have done more than this
your problems have been resolved for now
the parent killer is slain and a home you have received
but for this I have taken something as payment
do not worry
I sensed your pain that night
this is why you are now my servant and my power you have received
your goal will become clear to you in time
be aware that I’m not the only one watching
once Peruro finishes the letter it sets alight turning into an ash that seems to vanish into the air stepping out of bed to find some form of mirror he freezes at his reflection as he finds his eyes as red as the saviour the night before … with little to no signs Peruro lives his life into his adult years searching for answers but finding only more mysteries and lies causing him to sway from looking for answers outside and start looking within, he finds the gift he was given but only a small fragment so now he wonders the world of Randomia cleansing the unfair in demonic fire and searching for pieces of his potential power using his power and cunning to receive that which he could not previously.

Peruro Agonia (Latin for Inflame Agony)

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