The Chronicles of Randomia

A Tale of Two Cities

Upon reaching Orgrimmask the party will discover a large encampment outside of the town.

Most of these dwellings are pop-up inns, merchants making their trade on offering people shelter who do not make it into the city. Here they will bump into Xubt GiantDweller who will be severely pissed that his trade has been literally killed he will explain because of Gringots recent tax increase on the merchants outside the gate he has needed that trade to maintain his family inside Orgrimmask. He will ask how the party intend to repay him?

If things get shirty his Ogres will threaten them down however an Orc party take a disliking to the party on a 19-20 they will be hostile. If not play out the situation.

Page 244
Orc X 3

If they do not offer suggestion he will direct them to a tent where a group of cloaked figures sit smoking. He ushers them in and they will explain that they intend to assinate Gringot Storm-Wearer the Overseer of Orgrimmask allowing Oyattoa Justice to take presidency over both districts combining them again to make Orgrimmar.
They need an insider to gather info about Gringots ongoings within the next few days and also info on his dwelling. This also gets them in the city instantly with a citizens pass Xubt offers them.

Upon entering Orgrimmask the party will notice it is very run-down there is a slight slums feel to it except the buildings are of great build but the upkeep is bad. There LOTS of children, humans mainly, running around many seem to be homeless.

In the town you walk through the heavily guarded and sturdy Town Gate, a Human boy will offer to be the partys guide for 5 CP he will guide them through the town, you walk through the “slums” then their is a four way junction.

Left- entertainment district

  • Tavern, The Silver Jester a bit of a raucous dive (Morduck,
  • Inn
  • Brothel
  • Gambling house
  • Fighting arena
  • Competing tavern, The Gleaming Jester, Thieves Guild hangout. The Goblin??)
  • Patrons house w/more classier houses all owned by Goblins

Right- Trade district

  • Blacksmith- Gorbuk Smith (Half-Orc)
  • Guild Hall- Offering Mercenaries at 5 GP a day.
    (First five Humans and 3 other fighting races)

  • Stables- Harald Landtravel (Human) only small mounts at double prices plus 50% tax
  • A well-kept tavern, The Barking Dolphin (Gnome Mittelwack Overpipe )
    Catering to a specific race or guild specialises in his great warm hygiene services this place. Housing a stubborn language master Goblin Oz Manytongues who knows Aquan who only appears if Gringot is killed.

Straight on

  • The Great Wall of Orgrimmar- hastily built, 100 feet tall, the tallest object in the whole city spanning from East to West. This side is very badly kept but guarded by approx 50 guards Humans, Goblins, Half-Orcs and a handful of other races. Most of these are privately run firms that have popped up in Orgrimmask unorganised, disloyal but vicious they are being paid daily to guard the gate.
  • The presidential building built by respectable military gentleman it overlooks the wall and has been tactfully used to defend the city from the opposing side. Any attackers who oppose the city from the other side would struggle with head on infiltration. Eleven Archers mercenaries are employed to defend the rooftop overlooking the wall around the clock. At evenings the wall and the courtyard are light up to lighten any border crossers up and defend the castle further. Easily the most valuable building in the city with its own personal guard the only policing force in Orgrimmask.
  • Great temple worshipping Gruumash. The temple is in disrepair and maybe a half Orc or Orc would like to repair it. Very grand an ancient worship place for Orcs many battle Murials and ancient weapons on the walls. It was fought over by both sides and luckily geographical location kept it on this side of the wall. The temple offers blessings to those of sturdy races. Dwarves, Half Orcs and Dragonborn giving them advantage on attack rolls if they pray or leave donation of 5 GP or more this late whilst in the city.

An elf guard will shoot the guide play out his death or life?

When they eventually meet Gringot he will ask them to visit a patron of his who has served him well yet did not appear at the board of conference yesterday unlike him. There is suspect of foul play. The party can investigate this and get closer to Gringot.

Upon doing this they walk into an ambush in his home are these the killers or are they assassins sent to kill them?

To open pressure plate must be a creature of small or smaller to stand on it or an object placed on it to hold it open.

Mobs in house:

Lobby- Gargoyles X 2 only active when weapons are drawn.
1- HP 49
2-HP 47
(Page 140)
Will only attack creatures with weapons drawn.

Hidden in Study- Bugbear X2
1 HP- 27
2 HP- 23
(Page 33), Mage High Elf(Page 347) (adjusted to a challenge 2
AC 12
Hit points 40
Saving throws lowered by 1
Skills lowered by 1
Spell save DC 8 + 5
Cantrips: Firebolt, Light, Mage hand
2 X 1st lvl SS: Magic Missile, Sheild

1st attempt- 19-20
2nd attempt- 18-20
3rd attempt 10-20
4th attempt- ambush

Will come out if Pressure plate is failed to throw OR on the way out

Lounge area- Mastiff
HP- 4
(Page 332)

Bedroom- Animated Armour
HP- 27
(page 19)
Rug of Smothering is active on a roll of 12 or more.
(Page 20)

Garden- Twig And Vine Blights
T 1 HP- 3
T 2 HP- 5
V 1 HP- 23
V 2 HP- 24
(Page 32)

If Gringot learns of this he will invite them into a private room where he will entrust them with being his ambassadors to Orgrimmight. A new group are assigned this every year there is an election to over-see it and then comment back, they are told to assassinate a young candidate, Oyattoa Justice who intends to bring an end to the seperation and unite the two cities for this there will be a great reward.

The party can now enter Orgrimmight through the Great gate one of the only times on many years it is opened. So it gathers a crowd. A young Orc attempts to run through to the other side of Orgrimmight and he is about to be shot.

Orgrimmight is a lot smaller than Orgrimmask in comparison yet grander the whole city is a big semi circled around the wall most of these buildings are dwellings. Except a large trade centre that trades in heavy armour and weaponry of ‘Grummash’ which are expensive but worth it as they are blessed and offer + 1 strength but – 1 in intelligence along with their base stats.

The Presdiential building is no different to any other except it has a small stage and plinth outside it for the town President to make decrees from.

In the middle of the town is a watchtower which acts as a guard post for the wall of which is well kept and lightly guarded by approx 10 massive Orc warriors in full ceremonial armour.

The presidential election is on the 30th day of the SunSky season so the party are allowed freedom until then.

Whilst nearing the clock tower there is a large huddle of about approx 100 Orcs and Half Orcs centred around an Half-Orc in humble clothing making a speech about equality and it seems to go down well with the Orcs. This man is Oyattoa Justice after the speech he greets the party recognising the ceremonial band of trust and he invites them back to his abode for a political debate.

If they go back he offers them free stay in his house and also an evening of discussion on the history of Orgrimmar. He is generally positive to them and if they reciprocate and inform him of their history he will treat them as outsiders not as opponents later on.

When the Election Day comes Oyattoa is victorious by a landslide and he announces great things for the people of Orgrimmight and with his final few lines he declares all out war on Orgrimmask and tells all gathered to equip themselves and meet at the watchtower where they will invade and return the power and glory of Orgrimmar.

The party may choose to fight for him, against him or not get involved.

Of Rat-folk and Hags.

Upon returning the party have to decide whether they will face the Green Hag . ( Page 177)

Arriving at the Hag

Give Jurissa the gift of the Rat Queens demise she will semi-trust them giving them up to D40 roll on her treasure hoard, she will allow them also to keep her powerful stone and then reveal a location of another of her coven that was forced into hiding, if they accept this quest she will be advise them minimum to be able to speak Giant to help with this quest and so she sends them South to Orgrimmask to learn.

A Tale of Two CitiesWhen they return she will give the the quest to unite her sisters. To find a Hag

The 25th day of the SunSky season. 112th Aeon
The Journey Begins…again

We awoke with Link keeping a watch over our surroundings in the night to another campsite quite close to ours. We soon learnt they were adventurers like us;

  • A Drow elf bard who played a sweet song but had a bitter personality and a,
  • Dwarf Druid with a powerful magic aura but a calm disposition

At first our parties took their time to eat their rations some went without and some feasted, there were some softly spoken words and a witty tongue but the party resolved their first confrontation with each other successfully. We as a team soon came to discover a shimmering calm lake but almost as soon as we did notice the sky was blue and all the trees were green two creatures approached from the lake.

Approaching hastily we became aware soon and the party took defensive manoeuvres:

  • Link hid without knowledge of the creatures,
  • Flitwick didn’t realise and,
  • The Dwarf Druid percepted they were sea creatures looking hostile he informed the party and they readied weapons.

Two Hags battle at western lake front 7:30 AM


1- Link fires an arrow instinctively from sneak hitting Sea Hag 1 for 7 damage. (Thorns was not applicable to cast after deliberation)

2- The Drow Elf witnesses the advance and draws his rapier in preparation for close combat.

3- A great yet mysterious force from the great beyond cries profanity at the Sea Hags stunning one indefinitely.

4- I advance on our party realising the danger to discuss tactics with my fellow men of arcana.

5- Peruro charges a blast in preparation for their gory arrival.

6- Sea Hag 1 stays stunned and because of the severity of this goes in prone in confusion.

7- Sea Hag 2 dashes forward and begins to use its illusionary appearance to become a hideous being to scare the party.

8- Peruro takes a reaction attack of a agonising blast hitting Sea Hag 2 sending it stumbling backwards after a critical failure to defend the spell.

9- Link fires and arrow and hits including additional damage of crown of thorns .

10- The Drow elf approaches the battle closer realising an advantage and uses his dissonant whisper on his lute. (Whiskey in the Jar) Sea Hag 2 is dealt damage and crawls away from the upcoming battle as if to regroup.

11- The Dwarf after arriving to the battle late takes his position and readies a magic attack.

12- I toward the tree cover and use my magic missile attack all darts aimed on Sea Hag two hitting for strong damage. ZIP ZAP ZOOM.

13- Peruro performs agonising blast upon Hag 2 and in its retreat the force sends it sharply over its own neck snapping it as it flips. SEA HAG 2 IS KILLED.

14- The dwarf shows his worth by ending the battle by caging the stunned Sea Hag in a concentration entanglement, leaving the party with an option to end the battle.

After slight deliberation of making an escape The Drow elf and a few others decide to stay and see where this battle takes them. As this happens Sea Hag 3 approaches violently from the lake.

15- Link and the Drow elf take an opportunity attack upon the encroaching character with them both hitting Sea Hag 1 for damage and the Drow elf landing a critical hit.


16- Link fires an arrow again at the stunned entangled Sea Hag 1 hitting it for damage.

17- Drow elf attacks Hag 1 and hits for damage.

18- Ricky attempts a magic missile on Sea Hag 3. It hits for damage and slightly staggers the Sea Hag.

19- The Dwarf concentrates another entanglement spell that uses strong roots in the sea weed to hold them in place. Making them both entangled.

20- Peruro with his ancient wisdom shouts out to these Sea Hags to reserve their hostile efforts. They are both unmoved.

21- Sea Hag 1 remains tangled.

22- Sea Hag 2 remains closely tangled.

23- Link fires a hitting arrow at Sea Hag 1 with Hail of Thorns additional damage hitting the Sea Hag through its skull and leaving an arrow jutting through the skull to the lower back of its neck but what finishes him completely off are the over kill thorns jutting from its upper limbs. SEA HAG 1 IS KILLED. Hag 3 is also in the radius of thorns and she in witnessing her fallen covens defeat fails a constitution check to stay within the battle she may attempt to flee in her confusion she begins to rapidly shape shift.

24- The Drow elf releases a way-ward arrow missing, an important one possibly?

25- I urge the party a tactical retreat at an opportune time. Link and Peruro agree yet the Drow Elf, assisted by the Dwarf Druid decide to urge the party including myself back to defeat these engagers.

26- The Dwarf continues his ensuing entanglement attack on Sea Hag 3.

27- Peruro with his rejuvenated strength for battle makes an intimidating Thaumaturgy cantrip to shake the ground. This petrifies Sea Hag 3 but then after gathering its strength is ready to commit its life for battle.

28- Link strings his final arrow and wishes it well then hitting for 4 damage.

29- The Drow elf approaches the entangled creature for a better and more close combat opportunity.


30- Realising the impending danger I spring from the tree casting my illusion magic of a fog cloud to haze the creatures from sight while quickly ordering our party to retreat which they begin to do together.

The party after running NORTH for about 2 miles took in their breath and confirmed themselves safe.

The time is approximately 8 AM

We carried on our adventure gallantly up the rode all unharmed and confident in which we were almost instantly faced with large figures on either side of the tree line we all took cover away from these creatures to allow them closer for a more insightful inspection. This showed us that they were possibly a travelling merchant party of:

  • An old Goblin seemingly the leader,
  • 3 Tribal warriors all grunts unspoken for and,
  • 2 Half Ogres with hardy depositions


The party then heard a cry from down the road in the direction of the passing convoy that had just passed well armed as merchants would be.

The Half Ogres were bellowing intimidatingly in Giant at the Sea Hags who had followed the party from the beach the Sea Hags eventually took their retreat before a battle ensued, much to our disappointment and especially Link who wanted to swoop in and take the spoils.

We conversed with the goblin after a unsteady start we then got communicating learning of his name Xubt GiantDweller, and after he learnt there were possibly more of us in the trees he felt unstable and threatened battle if we did not reveal ourselves upon which myself and Link both exited the tree line giving away our positions freely with a stern Link maintaining his cool. Just.

Xubt allowed us to join his convoy for a cost of 10 GP paid by Peruro in full he then told us of a an Orc kingdom south of here with great political turmoil ensuing and also of a powerful Hag who lived in the hut at the opposite side of the ancient lake as witnessed by ourselves previously. He then remembered he had not given an important item to the Skaven Queen with who he trades small arms and rations with. A box we deduced was a fake type of drug that the Rat-men believed enhanced their abilities yet was being sold to them by Xubt as a dud water and lake salt mixture. They however agreed to take the box as heroes do and accepted to go back to the Broken Kingdom taking a map of it and an insignia worn by the Dwarf to uphold the Skaven Queens forces.

The “secret” package

We came to the desert terrain in where the broken kingdom stared at us 2 miles away it was 10 AM. Coming here reminded me of the dangers we faced previously and what more there could be to discover.

We approached what seemed to be a destroyed temple and took our chances of exploration in which we discovered a troop of seven clan-rats within the dilapidated temple luckily they were the Town gate guard and they had a goblin speaking member who conversed with Joe who after taking off the insignia and offering it to them then returned it and gained us an escort to their Queen.


The escort of three Clan-Rats took a detour to beat a humanoid creature to near death from within the jail and we decided it wasn’t our place to intervene. I was worried for his safety.
We arrived at the Skaven Queen who was white with a red striped fur was of slight build at around Noon, she mocked all of our party while surrounded by a formidable guard.


Just before we handed her the fake drug I cast a spell to give it a sweeter taste to hopeful appease the Rat-men and with a taste test by her plague fiend apothecary he deciphered it had been tampered with. OOPS. The Skaven Queens temper rose and she would grant us our lives if we infiltrated the Hags lair while doing this Link informed her forcefully that there was a Loch Ness monster in the lake the puzzle clicked and she realised that that was the ancient secret of the lake and explained the secrets of the Broken Kingdom she had overtaken only 5 Aeons ago.

(See broken kingdom of Simarron in wiki)

To kill a Hag

Our party took off again past the Rat-men guards surely laying a killing blow upon the humanoid inside and now we go to meet the powerful Witch/ Hag who is seemingly quite infamous in these parts. We arrived late afternoon after a hearty travel it was about 4PM and the sun was just beginning to settle in the lower part of the sky.

We arrived at the hut where we heard a sharp wood on wood bang. Link took point outside the hut hoping not to be involved. After quarrelling about our intentions here we decided we would like to listen to both sides of the story and then benefit greatest from making the Sea hags go to war with the Skaven Queen and savouring the pickings. Cowards.

The Green Hag as we discovered told us not to trust the weak spirited Skaven Queen and that if we kill her we will most likely be victorious in our quest she gave us a precious stone necklace to wear that would rejuvenate one of us for a second life. The Drow Elf who had approached the shack confidently bravely took and equipped it adding a slight hint of leadership to our party.

Green Hag

She gave us rations, health potions two of, a sign of victory and a quest.

Defeat the Skaven Queen

Our party approached the Unbroken Skaven Kingdom by what was nearly Sun-fall 7PM we approached the Supply house door of the town prepared and organised we were faced with:

  • The Skaven Queen,
  • 2 Rat Ogres,
  • A Plague Fiend and,
  • 3 Clan-rats

We approached the Queen and the Drow elf took point offering peace with the powerful stone as a reward for our freedom. She summoned her Plague fiend to attempt to accept the token and as she did we excited well an ambush. I wizzed a sound spell outside catching two of the Clan-rats attentions and sending them in pursuit outside and upon that:

1- Drow elf forced his dagger into the ribs of the unaware Skaven Queen dealing damage.

2- Link draws his dagge’s attention on the Plague fiend and hits it for damage.

3- Drow elf double wields his rapier also plunging both into opposite sides of the Skaven Queen she seemed to yield and orders him to stop.

4- Peruro approaches and casts a critical life ending agonising blast upon her feeble body sending her flying ripping her away from the Drow Elves piercing weapons.

After a quick forty seconds of ambush the Rat ogres sensed a certain danger without their leader and went into a frenzy. One smashing down a pillar and knocking itself out and taking down a wall of the building with it, closely dodged by Peruro and the other barrelling for the door with myself just side-stepping it. PHEW.

We felt we had done a massive blow to the expansion of these plague ridden yet alpha beast humanoids and we may have halted their evolution in the world for now. And good riddance too.

(See Skaven Queen downfall in wiki)

We hastily exited the vibrant city rife with scurrying creatures to tiny rats to countless clan-rats and Rat ogres. We managed to halt by the jail and rescue from death the human who was tied up within the jail as he would surely die. The Drow elf flung him on his back and we began our escape. We swiftly arrived at a safe spot two miles from the Unbroken kingdom around 9PM as the sun had set we noticed a cloud of dust of the rats returning to their original desert dwellings in the North-West we laid down our arms, the Human captive and took a long rest to recuperate our day.



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